It's Engagement season!

Hi folks,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday season. Like many of you, my holiday season was full of family, friends, and general merriment with people I love. But for a select few of you, during the month of December you got ENGAGED!!! Congratulations and best wishes to you.

Cobalt tuxes for weddings

I know this because December is typically the most popular time of year to propose, and a recent poll by Statistica illustrates this. It's not a coincidence that the biggest bride shows are traditionally in January.

We've got some pretty exciting programs lined up for 2019 regarding weddings:

We are now offering slim and ultra slim fit suits for weddings from a variety of different vendors, in traditional grays, blacks, and blues, and also trendier colors in tan, wine, and forest green. Many of these suits are available with matching vests to purchase, and many of these suits for wedding parties are under $200!

We see wine everywhere on TV these days

With our vendors, we now are able to offer separates, which means you can buy a 36 waist pant even if you need a 48 jacket. This will save our clients from paying a lot in alterations.

We have a new rental package for weddings who buy suits from us, Now we can rent our vests and ties, shirt and shoes for under $60, that's with a damage waiver fee and sales tax included. This package also includes the newest colors to match from David's Bridal and other bridal companies.

Top Hat Formals are expanding our relationship with JIM'S Formal wear, offering added styles of Michael Kors suits, and now offering Michael Kors and Allure Men suits to purchase. These are made of super premium super 130 wool fabrics in steel and heather gray, black, new navy and now cobalt blue. These are some of the best suits available for under $1,000, and we can offer them for sale for under $500. So that's exciting news.

Finally, we continue to offer a great selection of regular and slim fit tuxedos in a variety of different styles and colors to suit your needs. We also offer great prices for our top notch rental services.

We are continuing to offer out of town wedding services to our clients top, so if you have groomsmen from out of town, state, or country, we can help with an out of town measuring service, to shipping of merchandise to wherever they are. Let us know and we can help.

We are excited about all of the changes and challenges this upcoming year. Our tuxedo and suit rentals are here at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall, which contrary to popular belief, is not dead yet. There are still about 35 retail stores inside. I just counted.

Michael Kors Performance Tux

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and I look forward to working with all of you soon.

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