Suits for weddings, so many options.

It's almost spring and we are starting to see brides and grooms visit us for their tuxedo and suit rentals for their upcoming wedding. We are already seeing new trends at our store.

We are noticing couples opting for suits over tuxedos more often, which is an ongoing trend we have seen in wedding attire for men for years. Because of this, Top Hat Formals has no fewer than 12 styles of slim fit suits on display for rentals for weddings.

We do not see this trend changing anytime soon, as wedding venues and ceremonies have shifted to indoor and outdoor event spaces compared to a traditional venue, such as a church.

The benefits of suit and tuxedo rentals is there is a cost savings, and convenience for the renter. There is less of a cash outlay for the groomsmen, and vendors like Top Hat Formals make items like, shirts, vest and ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares and alterations standard in the rental fee, with shoes being a small additional cost. We also have special offers for wedding parties.

With suits to purchase, there are a lot of options too, and sometimes a lot more variety of fabric patterns. We offer suits for wedding parties starting at $149, which seemingly isn't much different than a suit or tuxedo rental.

The difference is alterations are not included in the price, and the alterations can be pricey. Additional items such as a shirt, tie, studs and cufflinks are an additional cost. Alterations, if the suit doesn't fit properly for that person, can be a large additional cash outlay. Sometimes your groomsman doesn't want to spring for the alterations, and he will be standing there on your wedding day looking messy and sloppy.

Also, suit size availability can vary from vendor to vendor. Depending on the vendor or the style of suit, the style may be only available in a few sizes, for example, from a 36 to a 54, and some suit patterns may need to be special ordered, like a bridesmaid dress, which can take months to arrive.

With our suit and tuxedo rentals, most all of our styles for wedding parties are available to at least to a size 60 and in some cases up to a size 66.

I almost forgot to mention, we match our vest, tie, and suspender colors with national vendors, in case you want to color match with the bridesmaids. If you don't see a match here, just ask us. We most likely have access to it.

So, if you are considering suits, we have a lot to choose from for you and your groomsmen, Here is a collection of our rental suits, and here is a small sampling of our suits to purchase.

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