Out of town rental services

As a traditional tuxedo rental shop, we’ve seen a lot of changes the past few years. One of the big changes we’ve seen is in the rapid increase in destination weddings and out of town groomsmen.

We’ve always have been able to accommodate out of town groomsmen provided they send us measurements (most places perform measurements as a courtesy or for a small fee) and they can come in the store if there are any alterations required. Sometimes, they can’t come into the store before the wedding day. Because of this people feel they have to go to a national or regional tuxedo rental vendor.

In the last couple of years, we partnered with several wholesalers including Jim’s Formalwear, the largest wholesale tuxedo rental company, to offer an additional selection of merchandise in addition to our selection of Michael Kors and Ike Behar tuxedo and suit rentals.

Any order we take can be shipped remotely to other places, typically customers receiving their rentals a week before the event. This way they can bring their rentals right to the location without coming to the store. If there is a problem, say the jacket fits poorly or the pants are too short, there is still enough time to make the necessary changes.

Recently we had a wedding where the ceremony was in New Jersey, and the whole family was going to stay the week. Most people picked up here but there were a couple of people I shipped the rental to them. I gave them the boxes to ship everything back with the return shipping label, and no one had to stress about bringing it back to the store. There is a small fee for this, typically its only $10 a rental.

So, if you have a wedding party where some people are out of town and can’t make it to the store, or the wedding itself is out of town, let us know, we can make the arrangements for you to ship merchandise to you and arrange return shipping. Some exclusions may apply, but its worked out great for our customers so far. As our customers needs change, so do we. Let us know how else we can improve our service.

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