Homecoming & Fall Formal dress trends

Our fall season dresses for Homecoming season, we will have them in by Mid August. Some looks are radically different, some look similar to last year dresses but with fun updates.

If you are looking for a form fitting dress, a flirty dress, a fit and flare style, a two piece dress, or a dress with cutouts, a dress with pockets, or something off the wall, chances are Top Hat Formals has a dress for you. Here are some looks we think will be popular this fall.

Floral prints - The great thing about floral print dresses is that they come in a variety of different styles. Floral prints are a great seasonal look. The the cut of the dresses can be a fit and flare dress, off the shoulder style, a fit and flare style and it can also have pockets. Here is a floral print homecoming dress from Jovani.

Jovani style JVN65429

Off the shoulder style - We have seen off the shoulder styles really take off in the last year. Its a great way to show your neck line and have a sweetheart bodice. I like the off the shoulder with the fit and flare look, but can be worn along side a 2 piece.

Embroidery - Embroidery on dresses have been popular since we’ve been carrying homecoming and fall formal dresses. Sometimes they come with large beads or small beads, the dresses may have embroidery on top and is a form fitting dress or with a chiffon skirt or a skirt with horsehair. Here is a fun fit and flare homecoming dress with embroidery from Val Stefani.

Val Stefani style #3356RG

Velvet - We saw a big surge of velvet for this past prom season and it seems to continue to gain momentum. The fabric is so soft to the touch and even though velvet dresses are typically without beaded adornment, they still look sophisticated because of the fabric. Here is a great update of the classic strapless homecoming dress from Clarisse.

Clarisse style #3652

Fit and Flare - this style of dress is fitted at the waist, with the upper bodice having beads or other adornment, and flares out at the hips for a looser and freewheeling look. I like fit and flare styles with floral prints, off the shoulder styles and with beads up top, or with this dress from Val Stefani, which has a lace skirt.

Pockets - For as long as I can remember, the reason why many young ladies had dates to homecoming is so the guys can hold their stuff! Or they needed a small purse to carry their essentals. With pockets, you can carry your own cell phone, make up kit, or whatever other items you want in your own pockets. We always laugh a little when we hear a young lady cheer, “Oh my god it has pockets too!” Here is a fun dress from Alyce.

When shopping for short dresses, its important to try on different designs and so you get the best fit possible. since there is no standardization of sizes! Depending on how the dress is cut or fabrics used, a young lady can vary their size by up to 4 sizes! That is a topic for another blog post down the line.

There are many more styles than I discussed here, and stay tuned when we will have a lot of our inventory available online.

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