Look out for counterfeit dresses!

There is a lot more activity at the store as the proms are all next month. Over the weekend, I spoke with a couple of young ladies who showed me images of prom dresses they had ordered but not received from online retailers. When I saw the images, I also saw the prices and became suspicious. I then looked at the site name and looked the companies up.

Many online prom dress retailers are legitimate sites selling dresses from legitimate designers, as we do with our in-stock inventory. However, whenever I see someone advertising a new dress similar to what the store carries for sale for less than what I can buy it for, I get concerned.

Here are a couple of articles I read over the weekend on clothing scam sites, and it isn't just for prom dresses, but for all sorts of clothing.

Here is an article from Buzzfeed

Here is an article from The Consumerist.

You can also google counterfeit dresses and see a whole host of disasters. All I can say is to be careful when buying a dress online, that they have a U.S. Phone support number if you have questions, and if you see a dress online for $90 when a brick and mortar retailer charges $378, its OK to dig a little deeper to see why the online vendor is charging so much less.

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