Why did we change our name?

That’s a good question, we have been operating as Top Hat Tuxedo for over 30 years, and we have had the Top Hat Tuxedo location at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall since 2007. The truth is, the name Top Hat Tuxedo does not fit all that we offer these days.

In 2010, we started offering suits for individual purchase and for group purchases as many brides and grooms did not want to wear tuxedos for their wedding. Now we have a nice variety of options for suit purchases. In March of 2013, we started offering prom gowns for sale,  and in our store at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.

Since we sell dresses for proms and special occasions, and we sell suits to the general public and for wedding parties, and we rent tuxedos for weddings, proms, and special occasions; to have a name that only mentioned tuxedos didn’t work.

The word Formal relates to clothing worn specifically for special occasions marked by an elaborate ceremony, like a wedding or a promenade. Therefore, we chose to modify our name from Top Hat Tuxedo to Top Hat Formals.

What is Proper for the groom to wear? How about the fathers and ringbearers?

Thirty years ago, when we started our business, this question was simply answered. Today, the answer is no longer “Black and white”. Traditional guidelines are merged with a full spectrum of different tastes. We at Top Hat Formals strive to blend our professional knowledge with your personal tastes to ensure your wedding is as perfect as you would wish it to be.

What if we don’t want to wear black tuxedos? Do you have options for us?

Absolutely we do. Since 2010 we have seen changes to what people find acceptable to wear for weddings. For instance, we seem to rent more tuxedos in gray than in black these days. However, we offer jacketless packages where we offer the formal outfit without the jacket, we rent vest and tie sets only, and we offer suits for sale that the party to keep.

How far in advance should we register our wedding?

Top Hat Formals recommends registering your wedding whenever you are ready to make a decision on your styling. Most couples register their weddings with us 3-4 months in advance. We carry our merchandise at our local warehouse and if necessary, we can handle even impromptu events.

We have people in our wedding that do not live in the area? Can you help?

Of course we can! The out of town members can go to a formal wear store and get measured as a courtesy. They can fill out the form here and send their measurements and payment information easily. When they come in, we strongly recommend they try everything on to ensure a proper fit. There is a lot we can do in terms of getting a great fit for guys who try their tuxedos on at the store before the wedding.

Our wedding party has some really big guys. Can you help?

Absolutely. Top Hat Formals carries sizes from infants to men’s 70L in some styles. Our Formal wear specialists will assist you in finding what styles look best on various body types to ensure that you all look great for your wedding.

How long should the people in my wedding party wait until they have their measurements completed?

Top Hat Formals recommends all tuxedo measurements to be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding date. An appointment is not necessary. Please notify the members of your wedding party that a $40 down payment is required at the time measurements are taken.

When can I pick up my tuxedo?

For weddings, tuxedos may be picked up as early as 3:00 pm two days prior to the wedding date. For single event and prom rentals, the tuxedos will be ready 1 day prior to the use date. If you wish to make arrangements to pick up the formal wear prior to the normal scheduled pick up time, please contact us so that we can accommodate an earlier pick up time. An additional fee may apply for this service. Please allow enough time to try on your tuxedo at our location to ensure a proper fit. This will give us time to make any additional alterations or exchanges.


When do I need to return the merchandise I rented from you?

Tuxedos must be returned the day after the event or wedding unless otherwise stated on the receipt you are given. Any formalwear rental returned after the due date is subject to a $20 per day late fee.


How do we pay you?

Top Hat accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Cash. Top Hat Tuxedo also accepts personal checks 2 weeks prior to the use date. We can not accept personal checks at the time of pick up for full payment.




Any other questions? Please send us a note or give us a call at 724-274-2727 and a Formal wear specialist will be happy to assist you.