Pittsburgh Mills Mall

Is the mall going to close? When is the mall shutting down? Are you still open? Are you going to be here in October? These are questions I have been getting a lot while I have been out and about in the last 3 years and get pretty much every time I tell someone where I work. These are valid questions. All of the media and the perceptions of the property are pretty sour. Here are a couple of pictures inside of the mall as I write this. These pictures are from a recent Saturday afternoon. The mall is still open and operational, There are about 50 retail stores total open in the mall. Not a bad amount of stores, but when you consider that its a 1,000,000 square foot facility, it looks pretty sad

Out of town rental services

As a traditional tuxedo rental shop, we’ve seen a lot of changes the past few years. One of the big changes we’ve seen is in the rapid increase in destination weddings and out of town groomsmen. We’ve always have been able to accommodate out of town groomsmen provided they send us measurements (most places perform measurements as a courtesy or for a small fee) and they can come in the store if there are any alterations required. Sometimes, they can’t come into the store before the wedding day. Because of this people feel they have to go to a national or regional tuxedo rental vendor. In the last couple of years, we partnered with several wholesalers including Jim’s Formalwear, the largest wh

Homecoming & Fall Formal dress trends

Our fall season dresses for Homecoming season, we will have them in by Mid August. Some looks are radically different, some look similar to last year dresses but with fun updates. If you are looking for a form fitting dress, a flirty dress, a fit and flare style, a two piece dress, or a dress with cutouts, a dress with pockets, or something off the wall, chances are Top Hat Formals has a dress for you. Here are some looks we think will be popular this fall. Floral prints - The great thing about floral print dresses is that they come in a variety of different styles. Floral prints are a great seasonal look. The the cut of the dresses can be a fit and flare dress, off the shoulder style, a fi

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