Wedding clickers brideshow

Hey folks! If you are doing some wedding planning and want to have some fun with it, come to the Wedding Clickers brideshow at the Rivers Casino in the Northside. It runs from 11:30 to 2, leaving you with plenty of time to hit the lunch buffet or to play the slots. The weather will be OK too, I don't see any snow in the forecast. Hope to see you there. Here is some information about the Brideshow.

Are you still open?

Is the mall going to close? When is the mall shutting down? Are you still open? These are questions I have been getting a lot while I have been out and about in the last four months, and at bride shows I have worked. The fact is the mall is still very much open and operational, and Top Hat Formals are open and continually bring in new tuxedos for rent and prom dresses for sale. The Pittsburgh Mills Mall was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo bank in November when the previous owners, Zamias Corp., were unable to refinance the property back in April. Here is a article from the Tribune Review explaining everything. So, we are still open and we look forward to serving our clients for the forseeable

Prom Fashion Shows

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated and modeled our tuxedos and dresses for Springdale and Burrell High School. We always enjoy working with the area high schools for different activities, and we are willing to donate tuxedos to use from vendors such as Michael Kors, Ike Behar and Jean Yves and prom dresses to use from Faviana, Alyce, and Tiffany Designs to use at the shows.

We've updated our site

Good news! We've made updates to our site. We're pretty excited about the changes and hope you like them too. We will be making big updates in the near future, so check back now and again to check them out.

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